The 7 Frogs - Mai Tai (Official Video Clip) 

The 2-minutes survival race of a minimalistic hero trying to cross a black and white sequence of images and logos.

Animation. ..."there is no gravity in animation, animation is free, it can fly, it can go anywhere. And I don’t think enough people realize this, they’re too earth bound. It’s not earth bound, it’s fantasy."   Bob Godfrey

Dragon rider 

A 30 minutes speedpainting for Daily spitpainting blog

Birth preview

A sneak peak at "Birth" animation , showing pencil storyboards and 3d footage.

Help japan

Animation for +Design online magazine concerning Japan tsunami.

Lingual brackets 

Real-time product visualisation and animations of the new lingual brackets on behalf of Dr.Panagiotis Kanarelis.

A 30 minutes speed-animation for Daily spitpainting blog
"Spirited away" redesign
"Spirited Away" animation study for the Brainstorm facebook group.

Korra animation test 


A frame-by-frame animation of Nickelodeon's Korra.

About Concept art and illustration


A presentation i made for Greek Game Developers community in Athens.

HyperSurfaces - Invisible Architecture

Talk about Hypersurfaces in the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly (2005)